Who we serve.

Who are the people who benefit the most from our services? They come from a variety of situations:

The Accumulators.

clients‣ They are between 40 and 70 years old, young enough to accept our advice and old enough to benefit from it.

‣ They’re extremely busy with their careers and private lives and don’t have time to manage their money themselves.

‣ They are making ongoing contributions, either for themselves or their companies, to their accounts.

‣ They are perhaps expecting to inherit a substantial sum and need advice on how to manage it.

‣ They feel a responsibility to invest prudently.

The Preservers.

‣ These clients don’t usually expect to make further investments.

‣ Instead, they usually have a large pool of capital to invest, at least $1,000,000.

‣ They want us to help them keep what they have and minimize the impact of taxes and inflation.

‣ They have other things they’d rather do than manage their investments. They believe that is a job for the trained professionals at Day & Ennis.

‣ They support their lifestyle from dividends.

‣ They leave capital gains untouched to build their asset base.

How our ideal client views our work together.

They understand investment markets and are highly motivated to work with a professional advisor.

‣ They have busy lives and do not want to spend their time managing their investments.

‣ They communicate well about  their assets, values, goals, and concerns.

‣ They’re oriented toward capital preservation.

‣ They take a long-term view of performance. They do not demand short-term results.

‣ They are open-minded and interested in learning new things.

‣ They’re comfortable taking in information and making decisions.

‣ They value our service, advice, and professional relationship.

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