Here are some benefits you can anticipate from working with Day & Ennis:


Fee-Only Financial Advice – As fee-only planners, we have no vested interest in selling you anything. We are members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors ( and receive no income from sales of investments. We act as fiduciaries, putting your financial interests ahead of our own. So you can count on unbiased recommendations. We believe that the combination of our due diligence and research can more than make up for fee expenses over the long run, regardless of the return environment.

Time savings – Developing and implementing a financial plan requires careful thought in quite a few areas. Factors such as risk, time frame, goals, cash flow, taxes, investment strategy and monitoring can be overwhelming to the individual investor. Even those who have the expertise to do this often lack the time and dedication it requires.

Competitive Performance and Risk Management –We work with each client to develop an investment strategy that helps you achieve your goals at your comfort level of risk.  We use a number of techniques to help control the risk in the portfolio. Primarily, we seek broad diversification through asset class allocation. We provide further diversification through mutual funds that shift investments among equities, commodities and bonds.

Broad Diversification — We believe in a broadly diversified portfolio to help eliminate specific company risk in order to help you reach your financial objectives. This can provide more market exposure for potential expected returns, which we believe is the best approach for improving your portfolio’s performance.

Include the following disclosure: * Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss.

Low Expenses –   We try to keep investment expenses as low as possible. Our clients are free to choose where they keep their investments, but if they do not have a preference we recommend Charles Schwab & Company, a discount brokerage firm. The fees are low and the choice of investment products is broad. We’ve had success in developing cost saving ideas and strategies during the course of preparing comprehensive financial plans for our clients. We believe we can do the same for you.

Confidence – Knowing that you have Personal Financial Specialists working with you to develop a comprehensive plan and monitor its performance gives you a sense of peace about your investments. We keep you informed about developments in the markets that may affect you through quarterly reports, newsletters and regularly scheduled consultations.

It’s not easy for most people to find the time or the information to do this kind of in-depth planning by themselves. That’s why we believe so many prefer to work with Day & Ennis instead. Why not call for an appointment today?

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