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First Quarter 2023 — How To Use This Newsletter To Build Your Wealth; New Retirement Rules Impact All Ages & Incomes; The Great Paradox Of Equity Investing; The Warren Buffet Of The Early 1900s Was A Woman: The Inspiring Story Of Hetty Green; Developing Portfolio Return Expectations; Take Care With Self-Directed IRAs.

Fourth Quarter 2022 —  Congratulations To Autumn; Retirement Realities Are Grim For Many Americans; Year-End Tax Planning Reminders; A Timely Reminder Of Why You Take Stock Risk; Bracing For Recession In A Bear Market; A Framework For Investing For Life.

Third Quarter 2022 — Welcome, Matthews and Congratulations to Lizzie; 20 Year-End Planning Tips To Slash Your 2022 Taxes; A Caution About Calling IRA Custodians; Answering Some Difficult Personal Financial Questions; Where Your Money Goes When You Die; Financial History Is Crucial To Investing.

Second Quarter 2022 — Getting A Good Estate Planning Result Is Hard; Managing Your Wealth; IRA Strategies For 60 To 72 Year Olds; New Research Warns Consumers On Long-Term Care Policies; Making A Life-Changing Difference To Loved Ones; “Simplification” Of College Financial Aid Requires Attention Now.

First Quarter 2022 — Why Professional Financial Advice Has Grown More Important; Pre-Retirees: Here’s How To Catch Up On Retirement Saving; Make This Financial Resolution For 2022; 2022 Estate & Gift Tax Planning; Special Report: Long-Term U.S. Equity Investments & Demographics; Rebalancing Helped Since Covid Struck.

Fourth Quarter 2021 — Omicron Variant: What It Means For Investors?; An In-Depth Report For Investors On Key Economic Fundamentals; Why Now’s A Great Time For A Financial Crisis Plan; A Framework For Investing For Life; A crucial Investment Lesson From A Difficult 20 Years; Dealing With Financial Fear.

Third Quarter 2021 — A Financial Planning Accident Waiting To Happen; Retirement Planning Alert For Current Financial Circumstances; Tax Alert For High Income And High Net Worth Individuals; Dealing With Financial Fears; Confounding Valuations Of The Largest Five Companies In S&P 500; Making A Financial Transition? Answer These Five Questions.

Second Quarter 2021 — Your Financial Psychology Under Current Conditions; Going Out On Your Own Terms: Six Key Documents In An Estate Plan; Do The Top 1% In Income Pay Enough Income Tax?; Stock Market Trend Report; Two Observations That May Make Higher Taxes Easier To Bear; A Tax And Financial Planning Opportunity Is About To Close.

First Quarter 2021 — Counseling You On Financial Risks At Pivotal Moments; The Cost Of Not Having A Financial Plan Is Surging; View Investment Through A Historical Lens; An Investor Insurrection, The GameStop Incident Could Result In Jailtime For Its Leaders; Equity Risk Premium Grew Wider And More Important; An Independent Investment Idea To Remember In 2021.

Fourth Quarter 2020 — Beware of “Choice Architecture” When Making Decisions About Health, Wealth And Happiness; Earning The Equity Premium Return Of 5.75%; Three Easy Ways To Increase Your Chance Of Financial Success; Private Wealth’s Perfect Storm; Education Tax Credits Primer; Confronting Mortality’s Details.

Third Quarter 2020 — Meet Our New Team Members; A Five-Point Covid Diagnostic For Family Wealth Management; Financial And Tax Planning For The Long Run; Confronting Mortality’s Details; Covid, The Fed & American Exceptionalism; Business Owner Alert: Main Street Lending Program Offers Covid Aid.

Second Quarter 2020 — Main Street vs Wall Street; Financial Planning For The Long Run Amid The COVID-19 Epidemic; Coronavirus Tax Planning Alert; Expect An Outbreak Of Financial Fraud; A Primer On Setting Up A Trust Fund; The Federal Reserve’s Powerful New Toolset.

First Quarter 2020 — Repeated Tax Reforms Raise The Risk Of Doing Nothing; Study: Wall Street’s Tactical Methodology Isn’t Working; Exceptions To The New Rule On Inherited IRAs; Three Major Investing & Tax Planning Trends For 2020; Financial Lifeboat Drill For Mustering In Emergencies; Boomers Working Past Age 65 Are A Surprise Boost.

Fourth Quarter 2019 — When Can I Afford To Retire?; Will Negative Rates Abroad Boost U.S. Stocks?; The Fed Just Cut Rates Again–What’s It Mean To You?; Tax Law Changes Delayed But Not Dead; Navigating Required Minimum Distributions; The Explosion In Retail Sales You Never Hear About.

Third Quarter 2019 — How To Avoid State Income Tax On Distributions From IRAs; Is The Inverted Yield Curve The Financial Fakeout Of 2019?;  Amid Record Stock Prices, Fed Policy Is A Risk; Give To Charity From An IRA To Lover Your Tax Bill; Three Strategic Mid-Year Tax Tips; Risk And Tax Effects Of An Installment Sale Of A Home.

Second Quarter 2019 – The Leading Edge of Financial Planning; How To Give Gifts And Not Trip On The Gift Tax; Prepare For A Sweeping New Law On Retirement Account Taxes; How To Sell Your Small Business And Pay No Taxes; U.S. – China Trade War Coverage Distorts Economic Reality; Give To charity From An IRA to Lower Your Tax Bill.

First Quarter 2019– Leave A Trust That Works According To Plan; Retirement Income Portfolio Survival; Be Prepared For Tax Policy To Swing Back; Time Itemized Deductions To Reduce Taxes; Business Owners: Avert Obstacles To Tax Savings; Sun Starts Setting On Solar Tax Credit From Uncle Sam.

Fourth Quarter 2018 – Will Your Financial Plan Pass A Risk Test?; A Timely Tactic For Business Owners; The Big New Tax Break For Pre-Retired Professionals; Sidestepping New Limits On Charitable Donations; A Reminder About Harvesting 2018 Tax Losses; Paying Off A Mortgage And The New Tax Code.

Third Quarter 2018 – Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary At Day & Ennis; The Interest Rate Inflection Point And Your Portfolio; Qualifying For The New Business Owner Tax Break; Ten Things About 10-Year U.S. Stock Market Performance; Soaring Stocks Raise Importance Of Diversifying; 10 Things: New Education Tax Breaks For A Child Or Grandchild.

Second Quarter 2018 – Act Now to Save On Taxes; A Guide To The New Rules On Tax Deductions In 2018; 10 Years After The Great Recession; Giving More To Loved Ones – Tax Free; New Ways To Influence The Next Generation; New Deduction Rules For Business Owners.

First Quarter 2018 –  Our New Location In North Georgia; You don’t Need Perfect Knowledge To Invest Well; A Bright Outlook For Consumer Spending; Six Tips To Avoid Phishing Scams; Finding The Balance For Retirement Draw-Downs; Bitcoin, Chasing your Tail, And Investing.

Fourth Quarter 2017 – Matt Heller To Become Partner At Day & Ennis; New Year’s Resolution: Review Your Estate Plan; “New and Improved” QSBS Tax Break; Lending Money? Watch Your Tax Step; 10 Common Questions About Social Security; Four Tax Strategies In Retirement.

Third Quarter 2017 – How Do Business Owners Become Seriously Wealthy?; 17 Year-End Moves That Can Preserve Your Tax Benefits; This Tax-Free Rollover Goes Right To Charity; Watch Out For “Grandparent Scams”; Key Components Of A Post-Divorce Estate Plan; Five Retirement Questions To Answer.

Second Quarter 2017 – We Have Always Been Fiduciaries; Passing Down IRA Assets? Clue In Family Members; How You Can Manage Risk Aversion; Trust As IRA Beneficiary: Not Crazy; Avoid These 6 Mistakes in Stretch IRA Planning; 5 Retirement Mistakes You Can Fix.

First Quarter 2017 – Fiduciary Rule May Be Uncertain, But Our Role Is Clear; 5 Steps To Realize An Early Retirement Dream; What Would Estate Tax Repeal Mean?; New Opportunity For Stand-Alone HRAs; Take 7 Financial Steps In A Second Marriage; IRS Adjusts Retirement Plan Limits.

Fourth Quarter 2016 – Could Tax Cuts Really Happen In 2017?; Watch Out For These 7 Retirement Ups And Downs; 7 Late Moves To Cut Tax This Year; Tax Rewards For Year End Generosity; Seven Key Parts of Trump’s Tax Reform Plan; 4 Year-End Strategies For Investors.

Third Quarter 2016 – Our Newest Team Member; Meeting With The Family For Elder Care Planning; Remember The Lesson Of Rebalancing; What’s The Truth About Probate?; Ten Frequent Retirement Mistakes To Avoid; Five Key Documents In An Estate Plan.

Second Quarter 2016 – When Can I Afford To Retire?; 10 Sensible Stock Market Strategies After A Fall; Do Roth IRA Math Before Converting; When To Use An Installment Sale; Don’t Be Victimized By These 10 Common Scams; Retirement Plan Choices For The Self-Employed.

First Quarter 2016 — Why You Need A Fiduciary Advisor For Your 401(k) Or IRA; 10 Steps To Take On The Path To Early Retirement; 5 Reasons To Amend Your Estate Plan; Retirement Plan Choices For The Self-Employed; What To Do About That Old 401(k) Account; Are You Afraid Of The Estate Tax?

Fourth Quarter 2015 — Financial Abuse Of The Elderly; Where’s Your Retirement Income Gonna Come From?  7 Tax Baskets For Investments; Show More Life With A Living Trust; New Law Tightens Social Security Loopholes; Three Ways To Defuse Estate Rifts.

Third Quarter 2015 — A Social Security Benefit Calculator? It’s Not Foolproof; After Five Great Years For Stocks, What’s Next?; How A Financial Advisor Can Help; Top Court Mandates 401(k) Fee Duty; 7 Traps For IRA Owners To Steer Around; 4 Estate Issues For Business Owners.

Second Quarter 2015 —  Do You Have A Withdrawal Strategy?; Should You Roll Over Or Play Dead? 7 Factors; When To Start Social Security; Be Tax-Smart About Gains And Losses; Add up Pluses And Minuses Of A Living Trust; 3 Ways To Deduct Mortgage Interest.

First Quarter 2015 — Frame Of Reference Risk; Did The Devil Make You Do It? 8 Retirement Miscues; View All Tax Angles On Dividends; Can You Avoid Estate And Gift Tax?; Avoid Emotional Portfolio Withdrawals; How to Downplay The Kiddie Tax.

Fourth Quarter 2014 –  Do You Have Enough?; 14 Top Year-End Tax Moves For Individuals in 2014; Social Security: Taxes In And Out; Fly Below The Radar At Year End; Why Give Securities To Charity Instead Of Cash?; Unused Estate Tax Election.

Third Quarter 2014 – Should You Worry About A Market Correction?; Figuring Out How Much You Need In Retirement; When It Pays To ID Security Sales; Sound Advice On Donor Advised Funds; Should You Borrow Against Life Insurance?; Key Aspects Of Key Person Insurance.

Second Quarter 2014 — When Can I Afford To Retire?; Identifying Investment Risk And Coping With It; Beware The NII Surtax On Trusts; Count On The Portability Provision; Entering The Twilight Zone — Of Taxation; Is It Too Late For Roth Conversion?

First Quarter 2014 — Additional Services Offered By Day & Ennis; 5 Withdrawal Strategies For Retirement Savings; Crummey Gifts: Spring Into Action; Don’t Chase After The Market News; 4 Tips For Assembling A College Savings Plan; What To Do When You’re Suddenly Widowed.

Fourth Quarter 2013 — Should You Have A Directed Trust?; It’s Tough To Decide If You Should Retire Early; Managing Your Tax Bracket Now Crucial; How To Avoid Bad Surprises In Roth IRAs; Five Year Results Show Diversification Is Key; Saving For Retirement At All Ages.

Third Quarter 2013 — Importance Of Diversification; 13 Midyear Moves To Make For ’13; 3.8 % Surtax Hits Passive Investors; Which Type Of IRA Do You Prefer?; The Bypass Trust: It’s Not Quite Dead Yet; Straight Talk About Living Trusts.

Second Quarter 2013 – Matt Heller Joins Day & Ennis; An Example Of The Power Of Diversified Portfolios; Roundup Of New Estate Tax Changes; Straight Talk About Living Trusts; IRS Reveals The Dirty Dozen Tax Scams; Find Extra Benefits In DI Insurance.

First Quarter 2013 — Improved Communication And Reporting; The Case For A New Secular Bull Market; Owning REIT Shares Can Help Minimize Risk; Pros and Cons Of Section 529 Plans; 10 Reasons For The IRS To Flag Your Return; Dust Off Insurance Policies.

Fourth Quarter 2012Stephanie Davidson Becomes Day And Ennis Partner;   Year-End Tax Planning: Go Against The Grain?;Which Funds To Tap In Retirement?; Will Your Retirement Assets Last?; Who’s Going To Pay The 3.8% Medicare Surtax?; Don’t Forget The “Other” Surtax.

Third Quarter 2012 –Wall Street Predictions For The Year; 10 Top Tax Breaks Set To Disappear After 2012; Compare Traditional IRAs and ROTHs; Entrees For The “Sandwich” Generation; Was Economic Cycle Predictor Wrong?; Four Smart Ways To Gift This Year.

Second Quarter 2012–Updated Website and New Blog; Don’t Be Blindsided By The New Medicare Surtax; What Are The 401(k) Limits In 2012?; Start Harvesting Gains In 2012; How Much Do You Have To Save For College?;  Six Disability Facts To Consider.

First Quarter 2012— Improving Our Quality Of Service;  Should You Take Social Security Early Or Late?;  Newly Widowed Face 401(k), IRA Options; Give Away Gifts With No Gift Tax; Retirement Planning At Age Fifty; A Common Error In Powers Of Attorney.

Fourth Quarter 2011Long-Term Market Cycles; Will New Estate Tax Rules Lull You Into Inaction?; Do You Have An Administrative Trustee?; Estate Tax Exemptions Survive Longer;  4 Retirement Plans For Self-Employed; ETFs Offer Alternative Investment Options.

Third Quarter 2011Lack Of Retirement Funds Is Biggest Financial Worry; Social Security Payout Choices Can Be Confusing; What Do You Want Your Legacy To Be?; Bulletproofing Your Will Before Death; New Reports On Investment Tax Basis; Children In College Need A Health Proxy.

Second Quarter 2011Employers Find Ways To Mitigate Liability On 401(k)s;  Giving Up Some Luxuries Buys Some Peace Of Mind;  Not All ETFs Are Tax-Efficient Anymore; Health Law Relief For Small Biz Owners; Twenty Top Tax Breaks In New Tax Act; 5 Tips For Vacation Home Buyers.

First Quarter 2011Filtering The Economic News;  401(k) Target Date Funds Coming Under Scrutiny; It’s NOT The Economy, Stupid!;  Veil Lifted From Municipal Bond Market; Recession Reshapes College Choices; Yield vs. Risk In Emerging Market Bonds.

Fourth Quarter 2010Fed Policies Make TIPS Popular But They’re No Panacea; High-Frequency Trading: Big Profits In Small Doses;  Veil Lifted From Municipal Bond Market; Yield vs. Risk In Emerging Market Bonds; A Good Time To Reassess Your Risk Profile;  Inflation-Protected Bonds Are Still Bonds.

Third Quarter 2010Despite Concerns, Most Don’t Have a Financial Plan; Wealth Transfer Strategies For Troubled Times; Beware of Homeowner’s Insurance Groups; Do You Know Estate Planning Basics?; New DB(k) Plans Could Be Tempting;  Caveat Emptor: Long-Term Care Policies.

First Quarter 2010When to Take Social Security Is An Important Decision; An International View of the Economic Crisis; A Welcome Spike in Personal Savings;  Build Up IRA Now for 2010 Roth Conversion; Help Loved Ones with Tax-Free Gifts; Do You Really Need That Inheritance?

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