How to make confidence part of your retirement plan.

When people come to us for help in planning their retirement they often have similar questions:

“When will I have enough savings to be able to retire comfortably? How can I be sure I won’t outlive my savings? I’d like to live in a continuing care facility, but how do I know which one will be the best fit for me and my portfolio?”

We address these questions and any others you have before designing your plan. We can help you find the window of time that’s most favorable for you to retire. We work closely with clients to let them know what is a safe draw-down rate for their portfolios. We can also evaluate continuing care facilities and offer insight as to which one can best meet your particular needs.

Financial planning can offer confidence, and retirement may be the area where our clients need it most. Give us a call and schedule an appointment to find out how we can help.

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