The Investment Advisors Peer Council

Investment Advisors Peer CouncilDay & Ennis is a member of the Investment Advisors Peer Council (IAPC), which was formed in 1999.

The purpose of the Council is to generate and share ideas on how to improve our businesses and better serve our clients. The group meets in person on a regular basis. Members may also communicate in between meetings via conference calls and emails.

There are presently four advisory firms on the Council. We are located in southeastern states, each in a different market area so we do not compete with one another. Our firms operate similarly in that we are fee-only financial advisors and neither sell products nor take commissions.

We all have backgrounds as CPA’s. Three out of four firms are members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. (

Here are links to the websites of the three other firms in the Investment Advisors Peer Council:

D. Scott Neal, Inc.

J. Mark Nickell & Co.

Proffitt & Goodson Inc.

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