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The markets are approaching peak earnings growth at 78%. What’s next?The rate of growth for the second half of this year depends on a number of factors, as Liz Ann Sonders and Kevin Gordon of Schwab explain. The taxes on your estate may be changing soon. The American Families Plan is causing estate planners to revise their plans, especially in three areas. Jamie Hopkins details how they may affect you.  You can protect yourself now from having diminished financial capacity in the future. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau describes how to plan ahead, sparing yourself from fraud and abuse should you become vulnerable.

One Step Closer … To Peak Earnings Growth? — This year’s first quarter, second-quarter earnings are currently anticipated to grow by 78%, the highest since 2009. As of now, the growth rate is expected to slow to 27% in the third quarter, a noticeable decrease but still strong. Read more..

Drivers That May Impact Your Estate Planning In 2021 And Beyond — Estate planning is a complex area that needs to be reviewed over time. There are multiple legislative proposals that may impact your estate planning at some point – the most notable being the American Families Plan Act. Here are three areas where it may affect your plan. Read more…

Planning For Diminished Capacity And Illness — To avoid fraud and financial abuse, consider planning ahead for your financial future or helping a loved one who is starting to lose the ability to manage their money or property. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau explains 11 ways you can protect yourself and those you care for. Read more…


John R. Day, Bill Ennis, Stephanie Hall, and Matt Heller

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