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Wall Street fears delayed election results may put the markets at risk. Steve Liesman reports on the results of a recent CNBC Fed survey. We shouldn’t expect the August labor rebound to continue. That’s according to Liz Ann Sonders of Schwab, who discusses the up and downsides of the shift in the labor market. The COVID-19 pandemic is moving senior care to their homes. Howard Gleckman of Forbes describes the wide range of new care plans that are developing.

Investors Fear Election Winner Won’t Be Known For Some Time, Hitting The Markets, CNBC Survey Shows. — The September CNBC Fed Survey finds 47% of respondents think the winner of the presidential election won’t be known for a week after Election Day. More than a third — 36% — said it could take a month or longer. Just 6% believe the winner will be known on election night and another 6% think it will be known within two days. And 86% of the 37 respondents — fund managers, strategists and economists — said a contested election is a current risk to the stock market. Read more…

Crossroads: Shifting Tides In Stock And Labor Markets — Investors should not expect to see August’s labor rebound to continue, according to Liz Ann Sonders of Schwab. The labor market will probably continue to shift to working from home. But for the moment, it’s leading to increased productivity and an opportunity for innovative companies. Read more…

Moving More Medical And Long-Term Care To Seniors’ Homes — Changes in technology, new government payment models, managed care, and consumer preferences all are shifting services for frail older adults and younger people with disabilities from facilities to home. Read more….


John R. Day, Bill Ennis, Stephanie Hall, and Matt Heller

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