There is a lot to follow in the markets this week.  The crisis in Europe seems to be escalating and causing additional volatility for investors.  In this blog, you’ll find Bill Gross’  commentary on the markets, an update on ECRI’s recession call, John Mauldin’s commentary on the debt crisis in Europe, and the summary of current economic conditions by Fortigent.

Wall Street Food Chain by Bill Gross – Bill Gross is the Chief Investment Officer for PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company).  PIMCO recently completed its annual meeting where they review the outlook for the next 3 to 5 years.  His commentary covers many of their thoughts about what to expect.

Amid Uncertainty, What is an Advisor To Do? by Fortigent – Fortigent sends out a weekly letter that does an excellent job of updating us on what is going on in the markets. You’ll want to look at their charts and graphs, which are very informative.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch by John Mauldin – We always read John Mauldin’s commentary that comes out each Saturday.  This week, he does an excellent job of describing what is going on in Europe using a metaphor of California as an example.

ECRI Recession Called Update – The Economic Council Research Institute publishes the weekly leading index.  This comes out each Friday.  They continue to warn about a possible recession this year.

These articles are just a few of the many articles we read during the week to stay up-to-date on the economy and the markets.  We hope you find these informative.

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John R. Day and Bill W. Ennis