An extremely rare six sigma event has occurred in the high yield bond market, signifying what may be an unusual buying opportunity. Sam Ro examines the $7.1 billion outflow for Business InsiderIf stock prices are falling, should you be worried? According to Warren Buffet, it depends entirely on your point of view. Mr. Buffet’s perspective appears this week in MSN Money. The sheer length of the U.S. tax code overwhelms the average tax payer, but hidden within are significant savings for every stage of your life. Kiplinger explains several that are worth looking into.

High Yield Bond Buying Opportunity?– Goldman Sachs’ Charles Himmelberg says that last weeks huge outflows from high yield bonds (junk bonds) creates  a buying opportunity. “Our confidence in the buying opportunity in the face of retail selling stems from our belief that credit fundamentals remain supportive, while valuations are now more attractive,” he said.

Warren Buffett’s Insight To Market Corrections– According to Warren Buffett, if you’re feeling stressed about falling stock prices, it’s because you are thinking about investing the wrong way.  The key to Warren Buffett’s insight is that by definition, long-term investors are not looking to sell for a long time. If you really do have a long-term horizon, all that matters is what the value of your investment will be far in the future: when you plan to sell.–you-should-be-happy-when-the-market-tumbles

Tax Breaks for Every Life Stage– It’s no secret that the U.S. tax code is fatter than the proverbial Manhattan phone book. Aside from what that says about our tax system, the density of the code increases the risk that taxpayers—especially last-minute filers—will overlook tax deductions and credits that could save them serious money. Here’s a look at breaks that could trim your tax bill no matter where you are on your journey through life.

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