The bull market for stocks has stumbled a bit lately, but what does it mean for the months ahead? The chief analysts at Schwab offer advice and forecast a potential buying opportunity. The Leading Economic Indicators for June have been released, confirming a trend we’ve seen in the U.S. economy. Doug Short analyzes the numbers, while Ataman Ozyildirim of The Conference Board suggests an outlook for the rest of 2014. One thing to watch for may be falling prices in crude oil and other commodities, according to analysts at Goldman Sachs. Those approaching retirement may not be aware of their opportunity for a windfall from Social Security. The file-and-suspend strategy has long been advocated for couples, but singles can benefit, too. Robert Klein explains the process for MarketWatch.

Schwab Market Perspective: Bull Stumbles– Stocks have struggled a bit lately,  but the overall damage is relatively minimal. Bottom line – in Liz Ann Sonder’s view the possibility of a correction is elevated, but she would view such an occurrence as a buying opportunity for those whose portfolios have been under allocated to equities.

Conference Board Leading Economic Index (LEI): Fifth Monthly Increase– The Conference Board LEI for the U.S. increased for the fifth consecutive month in June.  “Broad-based increases in the LEI over the last six months signal an economy that is expanding in the near  term and may even somewhat accelerate in the second half,” said Ataman Ozyildirim, Economist at The  Conference Board.

Rising Supply Will Ease Commodity Prices, Goldman Says– Analysts at Goldman Sachs believe the prices for commodities, including metals and crude oil, are set to fall over the next several years due to global supply increases.  “A prolonged period of elevated commodity prices has catalyzed a supply response,” Goldman analysts wrote. “We do not expect a collapse in global commodity prices. But we do anticipate substantial declines.”

Social Security Loophole’s Huge Windfall Opportunity– One of the most popular strategies to maximize Social Security is the file-and-suspend strategy. It’s been touted for years as a way for married individuals to maximize their benefits as a couple.  There are situations where this strategy also benefits single individuals.

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