Is the economy improving along with the weather? As the Standard & Poor’s 500 begins the second quarter on a nominal record high, the chart in our first article seems to indicate a connection. With the equity market at an all-time high, bond yields hovering near record lows, volatility spiking and global geopolitical risks rising, there is still a way investors can sleep soundly at night.  Bradley Alford explains the importance of alternative investments. Those who have been planning to use the file-and-suspend strategy to increase their Social Security payments should be aware that the strategy is coming under fire.  Mark Miller of Reuters discusses the coming debate.  For many investors, choosing the right advisor is a matter of trust. Are you being advised or sold to? Rob Isbitts comments on the situation for Advisor Perspectives.

Rise In Factory Production Marks Acceleration Of U.S. Economy– In a reversal of February’s numbers, the production index from The Institute for Supply Management grew in March. The jump was the sharpest increase since June of 2009, which occurred as the recession was ending. The Standard & Poor’s 500 responded to the news, starting the second quarter at a nominal record high.

Why Alternative Investments Make Sense. – “A lot of people think of alternatives as risky, but I’ve always thought alternatives should be the third leg of a stool in order to mitigate risk,” said Bradley Alford, who is the chief investment officer at Alpha Capital Management.  Read why these types of investments are being used in portfolios.

‘File-And-Suspend’: A Social Security Strategy Under Fire–  The file-and-suspend strategy of claiming Social Security can increase your lifetime benefit.  This strategy was approved by the United States Congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton as part of a broader law called the Senior Citizens’ Freedom to Work Act of 2000.  Now it is coming under fire.

Are You Being Advised Or Sold To?– Rob Isbitts quotes Dan Wheeler as he describes the problem investors have with many “advisors”. He notes that. . . . the problem with seeking professional investment help is that all too often the person  sitting across from the investor as an ‘‘advisor’’ is there to make a sale . .  . unfortunately too many people think that Wall Street brokerage firms are there  to provide investors with good advice designed to help them reach their  financial goals.

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