Investors who remained bullish through the January downturn should not be overly confident now, despite the market’s quick recovery. Why the caution? Ryan Vlastelica of Reuters looks into the analysts’ concerns. Investment strategists at Charles Schwab believe the numbers on the economy have been affected by this winter’s weather. Their outlook for the long run is decidedly sunny, however, as our second article explains. For a historic perspective on the current times, we turn to an essay by Morgan Housel. He believes that we are living in the greatest period in world history.

Upswing In U.S. Stock Markets Hasn’t Fully Eased Concerns– U.S. market observers are urging investors to be cautious, despite a quick rebound by markets after a recent downturn. Investors should instead take the emerging markets scare that drove stocks down about 6 percent at the end of January as a warning of more risks to come.

Schwab Market Perspective: Weather Related?– Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Schwab, thinks the recent slowdown in economic data appears to be largely weather related and decent growth will reassert itself. Stocks have bounced back after a weak start to the year, but the threat of a further pullback remains. Her team’s outlook for the longer term, however, remains optimistic.

50 Reasons We’re Living Through the Greatest Period in World History–  This article is refreshing and optimistic.  Morgan Housel at The Motley Fool summarizes some important reasons we live in the greatest period in world history.

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John R. Day, Bill Ennis, Stephanie Davidson and Matt Heller

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