As we look forward in 2014, investors are gauging the market trends.  The current bull market is the 6th longest in S&P 500 history, but will it last? Liz Ann Sonders of Charles Schwab offers some insight. One immediate concern is the coming deadline for government funding on January 15th. Bloomberg reports on negotiations to avert the second government shutdown in four months. A New Year’s resolution for investors to consider is making sure your beneficiary handles your IRA responsibly. Our final article explains how to determine if a Trusteed IRA is right for you.

Turn The Page:  Outlook For Economy/Stocks In 2014– In this article Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab & Co., gives a comprehensive look at what to expect for 2014.  She explains why she believes the secular bull market in US stocks is intact, but that there remains a risk of a correction in the near-term.

U.S. Budget Negotiators Try To Avert Government Shutdown– Congressional negotiators are trying to resolve disagreements between Democrats and Republicans over health care and military spending, as well as environmental rules. They hope to prevent the U.S. government from closing its doors for a second time in four months. The government’s current authority to pay its financial obligations expires January 15.

What You Should Know About Trusteed IRAs– In a typical IRA, your beneficiary takes control of the IRA assets upon your death. There’s nothing to stop them from withdrawing all or part of the IRA funds at any time. If you want to be sure your IRA will be handled responsibly, a Trusteed IRA may be the solution to your concerns.

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John R. Day, Bill Ennis, Stephanie Davidson and Matt Heller

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