The S & P 500 Index is poised for the biggest annual gain in 15 years, thanks in part to quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve. How long can this last? Alexis Xydias and Whitney Kisling of Bloomberg assess the markets with an eye to the future of quantitative easing. Bill Gross believes investors are playing a dangerous game if they hope to continually profit from the support of central banks, whose cash infusions are propping up global asset prices. If you’d like a better idea about what you may expect from your own investments, you should take advantage of financial calculators. Everything from required minimum IRA distributions to mortgage loans to portfolio withdrawals can be estimated from the calculators on the Day & Ennis website.

Bull Market Shows No Sign of Death With Yellen Support– The S&P 500’s advance since March 2009 has surpassed the gains in the last bull market, which ended in October 2007.  The index is up 27 percent in 2013, approaching the biggest annual gain in 15 years, as the Federal Reserve refrained from scaling back its third round of quantitative easing. At the same time, corporate profits expanded as chief executives cut costs. The S&P 500 climbed 2.8 percent in November, a third straight monthly gain.

PIMCO’s Gross Says Central Bank Policies Increase Risk– Bill Gross, the manager of the world’s biggest bond fund, says the risk of a slide in global asset prices has increased due to the cash that central banks have added to the financial system. “Investors are all playing the same dangerous game that depends on a near perpetual policy of cheap financing and artificially low interest rates in a desperate gamble to promote growth,” according to Gross’ monthly investment outlook.

What Can A Financial Calculator Do For You?– The Day & Ennis website features 23 financial calculators provided through the AICPA.  You can use them to estimate everything from mortgage loans to required minimum distributions to income from traditional v. Roth IRAs to portfolio withdrawals.

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